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Frequently Asked Questions… and Answers!

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Frequently Asked Questions… and Answers!

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes! We are always accepting new patients, and offer a discount exam for your first visit!

How often should my cat come in for a wellness exam?

In general, we recommend that all cats receive a wellness check once a year. Kittens, kitties with recurring illnesses, and geriatric cats may require more frequent wellness checks.

Does my indoor cat need vaccinations?

Yes! Rabies kills many mammals (including humans) every year. These vaccinations are required by law for cats in New York State. Animals like bats are carriers of rabies and can make their way into your home, posing as a danger to your cat.

 Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia (FVRCP)

Typically known as the “distemper” shot, this combination vaccine protects against feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia.

Feline herpesvirus type I (FHV, FHV-1)

This highly contagious, ubiquitous virus is one major cause of upper respiratory infections. Spread through sharing of litter trays or food bowls, inhalation of sneeze droplets or direct contact, the virus can infect cats for life. Some will continue to shed the virus, and persistent FHV infection can cause eye problems.

Non-core vaccinations are appropriate for some cats depending on their lifestyle. Your vet will provide advice about which non-core vaccines your cat should have.

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