Halloween Cat Safety

How Can You Make Halloween Safe For Your Pet? Halloween is not exactly your pet’s favorite holiday. See if from a pet’s perspective: frighteningly dressed children keep ringing the doorbell, shouting and demanding candy. Your owner has forced you to wear a hot, scratchy outfit that makes you look like a pumpkin. And last year you got hold of half a candy bar and were sick for days. Scary indeed.

So what can you do to make Halloween fun and safe for your pet? Cat’s Exclusive Veterinarians have a few suggestions. Ingestion of chocolate by pets is among the 20 most common poisonings reported in recent literature and it can be fatal. Kittens and puppies are commonly affected. With smaller breeds being at higher risk. Signs of toxicity are vomiting and diarrhea in the first few hours of ingestion. This can progress, if not treated, to increased restlessness, seizures, increased heart rate, weakness and coma. Not every cat that eats a chocolate kiss is in danger, but if your cat does get into the kid’s Halloween stash, CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY.

I advise Cat owners to keep their pet’s away from the Halloween festivities. Some animals are stressed by a change in environment and the increased noise of doorbells and enthusiastic trike-or-theaters may cause them to act out of character, resulting in an animal biting or escaping.

While pets might look cute in costumes, ill-fitting outfits can constrict an animal’s movement, hearing and even breathing. Be especially vigilant in checking for elastic and other costume fasteners that can become caught on your pet. Animals that are uncomfortable can become quite stressed and injure themselves trying to remove a costume.

That flickering candle in the pumpkin on the front windowsill may look spectacularly spooky, but your cat could easily knock it over, burning itself and causing a fire. Keep all candles well out of the reach of both pets and children.

Your pets count on you to keep them healthy and secure. Call ALL Cats Care Center at (585) 347-0092 for more tips to make Halloween Safe and Fun (and maybe just a little scary) for everyone.

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