Holiday Cat Care

As the holiday season closes in, many people are busy making preparations. Your feline pal may very well choose to ‘supervise’ as you hang decorations and wrap gifts. Read on as a Rochester, NY vet offers some tips on celebrating the holidays with your furry friend.


Don’t forget to pick something up for your four-legged pal! Toys are always a good gift for kitties. Your pet will also appreciate a new bed, or perhaps a cat tower. Catnip and cat grass also make purrfect presents. Of course, Fluffy will also appreciate some empty boxes!

The Tree

At this time of year, many kitties are taking close note of the fact that trees hung with shiny objects have suddenly popped up in their homes. To cat-proof your tree, start by keeping the majority of the decorations—including anything small, sharp, or shiny—on the top part of the tree. Avoid putting the tree near anything Fluffy could use as a kitty launch pad, like a couch or desk. You may also need to bribe your furball. Offer her some new toys, and play with her until she’s tired out.


Are you having company over the holidays? If your feline pal is shy, offer her some extra hiding spots to retreat to. Paper grocery bags are great for this. We recommend asking overnight guests to close their door. Kitties have a habit of sleeping in or on people’s suitcases! Also, keep an eye on Fluffy as people are coming or going, and make sure she doesn’t slip out. Last but not least, stock up on tissues, OTC allergy meds, and lint rollers.

Seasonal Hazards

Keep Fluffy’s safety in mind when you decorate. Put candles, lights, and potpourri burners well out of paws’ reach. Tinsel, ornament hooks, pine needles, and ribbons are also unsafe, as are many foods. Ask your vet for more information.


Fluffy definitely deserves a special snack. Unseasoned chicken, fish, or turkey, without the skin, bones, or fat, is bound to get your pet’s little motor going. Sodium-free broth is also fine.

Down Time

The holidays can get pretty hectic. Remember to enjoy some quiet time. Curling up with a purring cat and a seasonal movie is a great way to relax!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Rochester, NY vet clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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