Introducing Our New Membership Plan – HappyCat

Introducing HappyCat – Achieve Peace of Mind and Save on Vet Bills 

Here at All Cats Care Center our number one priority is your feline family member. We know how important your kitty is to your family and we want to help ensure that they are as healthy as can be.

We offer care that is designed specifically for felines, in the comforting environment of an all feline hospital. Our staff understands the special and specific needs of cats, enabling your cat to be as comfortable as possible during their visit.

Cats are great at hiding medical issues that our veterinarian will be able to spot! By bringing your kitty to the veterinarian regularly, you ensure that your cat remains at optimum health.

How Does HappyCat Work?

HappyCat provides you with an affordable way to provide the very best veterinary care for your kitty. Here’s what is covered:

  • Two exams with options
  • Use as either Wellness or Comprehensive exams
  • Can use the exams any time of year, as close or far apart as you’d like!

Core vaccines designed specifically for felines: 

  • Rabies (One Year)
  • Distemper (One or Three Year)
  • Leukemia (One Year)
  • Free nail trim on your cat’s birthday!

How Much Does It Cost?

HappyCat offers you an opportunity to have exceptional healthcare for your kitty at a price that won’t break the bank. For just $120 annually, you can be confident in knowing that your cat will receive the best of care with all this plan has to offer. With HappyCat Membership, you can save over $100 for these services! 

Click here to view or print HappyCat brochure

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