Fluffy’s Pet Peeves

If there’s one thing we can say about cats, it’s that they all have their own purrsonalities. Some kitties are bold and fearless, while others are timid and shy. However, our feline friends do share some common opinions about a few things! Here, a Rochester, NY vet discusses Fluffy’s pet peeves.


Baths are definitely not one of kitties’ favorite things. We can’t really blame Fluffy for this one. In the wild, running water can be very dangerous for cats. Cat fur also gives off a strong scent when it’s wet, which could attract predators. Of course, it’s also possible that our feline buddies just know they look a bit silly when they’re sopping wet!

Loud Noises

Have you ever dropped a pan while your cat was nearby? Does your kitty bolt for her favorite hiding spot the moment you turn the vacuum cleaner on? It probably shouldn’t be much of a surprise to find that our furry pals like their domains quiet and peaceful. After all, napping is Fluffy’s favorite pastime!

Other Cats

Cats can be quite jealous little furballs! Your sweet, cuddly pet may turn into a ferocious warrior kitty at the mere sight of the neighbor’s cat crossing the yard.

Improper Attention

Kitties can be quite the little cuddlebugs, but they are often quite finicky about when and how they are petted, and for how long. Giving your cat too much attention, timing your cuddles improperly, or petting her the wrong way are all grievous errors in Fluffy’s book!

Being Ignored

Our feline pals also don’t like it when we ignore them. Your pet may sprawl out on the book or magazine you’re trying to read, or follow you into the bathroom. As far as Fluffy is concerned, your main goal in life should be to keep her purring and content!

Car Rides

This is one area where Fido and Fluffy couldn’t disagree more. Fido may think of car rides as the best thing ever, especially when they lead to a dog park or drive-thru. Fluffy, on the other hand, is convinced that moving cars are death machines hurtling her to her doom! However, coming to see us is definitely in your pet’s best interests, so just do what you can to make the ride comfortable for her.

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