Our Careteam

Practice Manager
When Janet decided to join All Cats Care Center, she knew that it was the perfect opportunity to not just work with an amazing group of people, it was also a chance to continue working with and helping animals while making an impact on their lives!

Janet has several years of experience in the veterinary industry. One of her most memorable experiences, that still strikes an emotional chord with her, actually happened before she joined All Cats Care Center. She had been working at another animal hospital and helped tend to a severely injured dog who was a victim of pet abuse. Janet wasn't sure the dog would survive, but the team took her in and did their best. The doctor performed surgery on the dog, who they named Brandy, and it saved her life. The ordeal also led to a new law being implemented that would ensure that every pet receives reasonable medical care, one that the staff at the practice refers to as “Brandy’s Law.”

Overall, Janet is ecstatic that she’s able to put her experience and knowledge to use. She relishes being able to show up to the hospital every day and help cats in need. Oh, and getting to play and cuddle with sweet-natured, adorable kittens all day is a pretty good bonus, too!
Veterinary Technician
Improving the lives of animals has been a goal for Holly since she was a very young child. What better way to fulfill that goal than to work in the veterinary field? Today, as part of the All Cats Care Center team, Holly gets to live her dream every single day!

While attending school at Alfred State for Veterinary Technology, Holly joined the All Cats team as part of her preceptorship. It turned out to be such a good fit for everyone that she decided to stay on and continue her employment here. Professionally, Holly enjoys performing dental cleanings. She is currently studying to take the VTNE so she can officially become licensed.

Holly has lived in Webster her whole life with her parents, her brother and her sister. Her fur “children” include a cat named Peppermint, who loves sleeping and getting brushed, and three rats named Twix, Snickers and Butterscotch. They are very funny and love climbing on anything they can find.
Veterinary Assistant/Technician
Animals in general have always been a passion of Kayla’s and she’s always wanted to help improve their lives. However, one animal in particular sticks out as her favorite - cats. She loved the fact that All Cats Care Center focused strictly on furry felines, and knew right off the bat that working there would be a perfect fit for her. As a veterinary assistant, she gets to live out her dream of working with her favorite animals on a daily basis!

There are several aspects of working at All Cats Care Center that appeal to Kayla. For starters, she loves informing cat owners of the proper ways to care for their cats. Also, she feels rewarded whenever a client shares how thankful they are to have her tending to their pets, and how much their pet enjoys her.

Kayla grew up in Spencerport, NY in a house full of animals and people, which included her and her four siblings. She currently lives in a house filled with cats (surprise!), which include wild Clementine, sweetheart Aaron and the sassy Seal. Each one of these friendly felines has their own distinct personality and they keep Kayla on her toes.

In her free time, you’re likely to find Kayla studying as she’s in school pursuing her veterinary technician license. Ultimately, her goal is to learn more and improve the health and wellness of animals.
Veterinary Assistant
Cheryl entered the world of music education before jumping into the veterinary field, but it didn’t take long for her to realize that her heart wasn’t truly in it. When the opportunity arose for her to work in an animal hospital, she knew that she couldn’t pass up her chance. That was more than 22 years ago—Cheryl has been a veterinary professional ever since!

Cheryl was born in Rochester and raised in Mendon, New York. She signed on as a part-time Kennel Assistant at an animal clinic only a half-mile from her home in 1996, and she hasn’t looked back since. Cheryl was quickly promoted to a full-time position and would end up helping pets and animal parents there for 11 rewarding years! She continued working in the world of veterinary care and recently joined the All Cats Care Center family as a Veterinary Assistant. Her favorite part of every day is chatting one-on-one with the area’s pet owners and meeting their loveable companions.

At home, Cheryl and her husband of 30 years, Richard, share their lives with eight wonderful cats. When she isn’t here at the clinic or doting on her own pets at home, Cheryl enjoys playing various instruments—she’s a percussionist and saxophonist, and is learning the bass guitar—and running long-distance races. She’s a triathlete and ran her first 50K when she was 50 years old!