Our Veterinarians

Dr. Peggy
Owner, Veterinarian
Although she was raised on a small farm surrounded by all sorts of animals, Dr. Peggy didn’t always know that she would work in the pet-care world. One day while driving to the University of Rochester to accept a managerial position, she began to wonder what she would do in a few years when her daughter moved away from home to begin college. All at once, a lightbulb went off: veterinary medicine was her true calling! From that day forward, Dr. Peggy dedicated herself to the animal-care profession and hasn’t looked back since.

Dr. Peggy graduated from the University of Illinois with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She started working in a companion animal hospital after school, where she gradually found herself drawn to feline medicine. Dr. Peggy then made her way to Maine, where she signed on at her first feline-only practice; it wasn’t long before she returned to Rochester to work at another local cat-exclusive hospital and further build her knowledge of feline medicine. In February of 2003, she opened the doors of her very own clinic and has owned and operated All Cats Care Center ever since.

Medically, Dr. Peggy enjoys surgical work and the biology behind her patients’ bodily functions. Most of all, she enjoys interacting directly with her clientele; every day, she’s humbled to serve the area’s families with her expertise and compassion.

At home, Dr. Peggy lives with four wonderful cats of her own: Mr. Chubs, a former stray who lived at All Cats Care Center for a period of time; an elderly feline named Crazy Legs who still manages to climb onto chairs in her old age; Pipa, a sparkling black cat who enjoys hunting wild critters; and Milo, a lover of playtime who frequently instigates games of tag with his fellow housemates.

When she isn’t tending to the needs of the area’s cats here at the hospital or enjoying the company of her own feline friends, Dr. Peggy can be found spending time with her daughter, growing every size, shape, and color of plant and flower in her extensive backyard gardens, and attending wine seminars around the area.