Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Of course, we think black kitties should be appreciated every day. However, these cute furballs will definitely benefit from some extra TLC. They have a bit of a bad rap, which really isn’t fair. Here, a Rochester, NY vet lists some great reasons to love black cats.

They Don’t Deserve The Bad Publicity

Back in the middle ages, black cats were often—and incorrectly—suspected of being witches’ familiars. Fluffy is still feeling the effects of this bad PR! Due to these old, yet persistent, superstitions, black cats often have a harder time getting adopted than other kitties. The folk tales have also made black cats a target for criminals, especially around Halloween. Because of this, many humane societies won’t adopt black cats out around the autumn holiday.

They’re Actually Good Luck

Did you know that some places consider black cat to be lucky? In parts of Great Britain, local traditions hold that a black cat is the purrfect wedding gift for a new bride, bringing happiness and good luck. (We can definitely vouch for the happiness part.) In Japan, black cats are thought to help single women attract more suitors. There may be something to this: it is hard to resist petting a black cat! British sailors were also thrilled to see a black cat: they believed that black kitties brought ships good luck, and ensured safe passage. Some sailors even thought that black kitties had magical tails that could start storms!

They Go With Anything

If you adopt a black kitty, your fashionable pet will always match your décor and your outfit! They also have an air of mystery, which may come in handy at some point. Of course, black cats actually aren’t true black. If you look closely at Fluffy when she’s in the sun, you’ll see that her fur is really dark brown. If your pet spends enough time soaking up sunshine, her coat may start to change color. You might even notice a pattern!

Your Black Cat

If you have a black kitty, treat Fluffy to a yummy snack for her special day, or get her a new toy. Some extra cuddles are also in order. Black cat purrs are truly magical in our book!

Please contact us, your local Rochester, NY vet clinic, your black cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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