Your Cat’s Sleeping Habits

Is your cat sleeping right now? There’s a good chance that she is. As you’ve probably noticed, our feline friends take their beauty rest regimen very seriously. Fluffy could spend as much as 20 hours a day napping! Read on as a local Rochester, NY vet discusses Fluffy’s sleeping predilection.

Your Sleepy Cat

Kitties certainly are drowsy little furballs. Cats actually sleep more than almost any other mammal on the planet. But do our feline friends really need that much rest? In the wild, cats do spend a lot of energy hunting their dinners, so they do need to relax and recharge. Kitties also aren’t well-equipped to cool down if they overheat, so Fluffy probably learned long ago to get lots of rest. That said, 20 hours a day is a bit excessive.


If you call your furball’s name while she’s dozing, you may see her ears move in response. That is because Fluffy isn’t entirely off in la-la land when she’s sleeping. Cats still process stimuli during most, if not all, of their snoozing time. In the wild, this allows napping kitties to be aware of what’s happening around them.

Keeping Kitty Comfy

Given that your cat will spend the majority of her time snoozing, it’s no wonder that Fluffy really likes cozy beds. Offer your furball plenty of warm, comfy places to snuggle up in. Pet beds are great, but cats also like curling up on soft folded blankets, in boxes, or, of course, on their owners.

Emergency Naps

Certain situations require cats to take emergency naps. Some of these possible scenarios include unexpected sunbeam encounters; baskets of fresh laundry; rainfall; lap space becoming available; and the sound of an alarm clock going off.


Studies have shown that, yes, cats do dream. Of course, there’s really no telling what our feline friends dream about. However, catnip mice, boxes, trees, and birds may very well be in the mix.

Cute Facts

Have you ever gotten drowsy on a rainy day? You’re not the only one! Studies have shown that cats sleep even more than usual when it’s raining. Our feline friends also often adjust their sleeping schedules to match their owners’, so they can spend more time with their people.

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