Things Cats Don’t Care About

Kitties definitely live by their own set of rules. While our feline friends all have their own unique, adorable quirks, many of them have similar cattitudes. Although you may be the apple of Fluffy’s eye, there are some things she just can’t be bothered with. A Rochester, NY vet lists some key ones in this article.

The Laws Of Gravity

Kitties are quite the little daredevils. Many furballs have no qualms about running up trees or performing gymnastics on fences. Some even literally climb walls! Of course, cats aren’t particularly impressed with physics, either: Fluffy can sleep in positions normally associated with pretzels.

Your Personal Space

Privacy isn’t a concept our feline overlords understand. Fluffy may follow you from room to room, jump into your lap while you’re trying to do something, or even accompany you to the bathroom! Cats also have a habit of sprawling out in the middle of the bed and relegating their humans to the side.

Your Belongings

Have you ever found your furball sleeping on your computer, or curled up in your laundry basket? Fluffy has also been known to use her humans’ couches and sofas as manicure stations. Your frisky pet may also enjoy knocking small objects onto the floor, and leaving fur on your clothes.

Your Schedule

Cats apparently have their own concept of time. Kitties sleep, on average, about 14 hours a day. However, your pet may not be on the same schedule as you are. Fluffy may wake you up on the weekend to demand breakfast right meow, ruining your plan for sleeping in. It also isn’t unusual for cats to get a case of the zoomies in the middle of the night, and wake their humans up by playing soccer or even pouncing on their toes.


Our feline buddies definitely don’t have perfect petiquette. Fluffy can be purring and snuggling one moment, and then suddenly decide to bite you for no reason. Or, your furball may sit in the middle of the room to groom her bottom when you have company. Cats also have no remorse about stealing chairs, leaving hairballs in your shoes, or sprawling out in the middle of the floor, even if they’re right in the line of traffic.

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