DIY Cat Furniture

Does your kitty have a cat tower or condo to call her own? While Fluffy certainly doesn’t mind making herself at home on our sofas, it is good for kitties to have a few things they don’t have to share with their human servants. You can find some great cat furniture online or in stores, but you can also make your own. Below, a Rochester, NY vet offers some tips on DIY cat furniture.


You’ve probably noticed that our feline friends are extremely fond of naps. Making sure your furball has lots of cozy spots to snuggle up in will help keep her happy and purring. You can find inexpensive cat beds at many stores. Of course, Fluffy will also happily curl up on a pillow or a soft folded blanket. Make your sleepy pet a cute little bed out of a hard shell suitcase, a wooden crate, a storage tote, or a hatbox.

Cat Towers

Cat towers are great for our feline friends. They offer Fluffy a high vantage point, from which she can stare down at you with that adorably smug, judgmental expression cats do so well. They also give your kitty a scratching post, a jungle gym, and yet one more napping spot. Repurpose an old wooden stepladder by adding planks to the steps, then covering it all in carpet and/or sisal rope. You can also upcycle an old bookshelf or storage rack. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can even use a real tree!

Kitty Tents

Theoretically, kitties like small spaces because they feel safe in enclosed places. We also suspect that Fluffy rather enjoys hidey-holes because they give her the perfect spot from which to playfully ambush her owners. You can make your furball a cute pet tent out of a tee shirt and a wire hanger. Or, for something more challenging, make your feline buddy a cat tipi.

Box Castles

Fluffy’s box obsession is no secret. If your cat loves boxes, as many do, why not make her a box castle? Your kitty’s palace can be as simple or complicated as you like. Just attach a few boxes together for a simple version. Or, go all out and make your furry little diva an elaborate castle, complete with windows, doors, towers, and turrets.

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