Existential Crisis Syndrome In Cats

Cats are very charismatic and mysterious little furballs. They can also be a bit dramatic. Fluffy may attack her catnip toy as though she were stalking a dangerous beast, and she can sometimes fly into a tantrum for no apparent reason. What are all these kitty theatrics about? Well, Fluffy may be experiencing Existential Crisis Syndrome, or ECS. How do you tell? The biggest clue would be identifying what sets your furry buddy off. A Rochester, NY vet lists some common causes of ECS below.

Bottom Of The Food Bowl

Cats take their meal schedules very, very seriously. Fluffy may yell at you if you’re late with any of her four breakfasts. If you have the audacity to sleep in, she may even wake you up. Your furball may also get extremely upset if she spots the bottom of her food dish. This, as far as your pet is concerned, constitutes a major kitty emergency!

Sheet-Changing Time

Our feline pals may be quirky, but they really do appreciate the love and care we offer them. This becomes very apparent when it’s time to change your bedsheets. Your kitty will basically teleport herself from wherever she is in the house to give you a helping paw. (We know, Fluffy really isn’t very helpful here. However, apparently no one has the heart to tell her that.)

Trespasser Alert

Few things will change a kitty’s mood like the sight of another feline invading their territory. Fluffy considers this a horrific sign of disrespect. She may morph into a floofy, hissing ball of rage at the mere sight of a strange cat in her yard!

Unexpected Noises

Have you ever accidentally spooked your cat by making a loud noise? Maybe you dropped a pan, or set off a smoke alarm while cooking. Chances are, your feline pal raced for her favorite hiding spot to recuperate from the stress.

Car Rides

If there’s one thing that’s bound to get kitties wound up, it’s the car ride. Fido may love going for drives, but Fluffy seems to be convinced that she is hurtling towards certain doom. (Tip: to make trips easier on your cat, put comfy bedding and toys in her carrier. Pet-calming products may also help.)

Please contact us for all of your furry little drama queen’s veterinary care needs. As your Rochester, NY vet clinic, we’re here to help!

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