Fluffy’s Life Goals (Or Lack Thereof)

Our feline friends certainly spend a lot of time thinking. Have you ever wondered what your furball is pondering? Is your cat planning world domination? Or is she just trying to pick her next napping spot? A local Rochester, NY vet sheds some light on Fluffy’s purrposes in life below.

Proper Fur Distribution

If you have a kitty, there’s a pretty good chance that you often find cat hair all over, well, everything. One of your feline buddy’s main goals is making sure that she is leaving enough fur everywhere, and not leaving spots untouched.

Train The Humans

Does Fluffy have you trained to feed and pet her on demand? If not, your furry buddy may be focusing on this quite a bit. It could take years of very light work for your kitty to get you fully trained.

Evict The Dog

Cats and dogs can get along, but they can also get a bit competitive and jealous of each other. It isn’t always Fido that’s the aggressor, either. Fluffy may smack her furry roommate in the face, or bite his tail. She also sometimes steals his bed and refuses to give it back!

Master Stealth Skills

In the wild, cats are extremely efficient hunters. Fluffy will be instinctively driven to work on her hunting skills. Your tiny lion may even try to practice on you! (This may be cute, but nip this bad habit in the bud. It’s bad petiquette, and can lead to problematic behavior.)

Psychic Powers

Have you ever noticed your cat watching you with an intent look on her face? Fluffy may be trying to meowpulate you with psychic powers!

World Napping Record

Senior cats can spend a whopping 20 hours a day sleeping. However, they don’t get there without years of practice. Fluffy will spend hours each day working hard on improving those napping times. She’ll also work on mastering the more difficult positions, such as the Pretzel, the Side Sprawl, and the Flat Cat.

Comfort the Humans

If cats had one true duty, it may very well be to keep their humans happy and calm. Fluffy may do this in a variety of ways, but cuddling is the most effective. You have to admit, hugging a purring cat is very relaxing!

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