Fluffy’s Plans for World Domination

Did you know that June 24th is Cat World Domination Day? Fluffy may look innocent and lovable, but is she plotting something sinister? A Rochester, NY vet discusses our feline overlords and their plans to take over everything in this article.

The Plot

How exactly would cats go about taking over the world? Fluffy may be trying to covertly fill the internet up with cat videos. You have to admit, she’s got a pretty good start here. Cats have done a rather impressive job of infiltrating human governments. They even have ‘spies’ in place in some pretty important locations. For example, there’s Larry, Britain’s official Chief Mouser. This kitty lives with the British Prime Minister!

The Warning Signs

Kitties may look cute and cuddly, but let’s not forget that they are actually very fierce predators. In fact, these adorable furballs kill billions of small animals each year. Long ago, cats used their cute faces and plaintive meows to melt our hearts, convincing us to offer them food, soft beds, toys, and cuddles in return for hunting the occasional mouse. Although their mousing skills are no longer needed in most places, we’ve become quite fond of these tiny, charismatic lions. Fluffy, as it turns out, really doesn’t need us. She just decided she prefers to be pampered over working for her dinner. (Or, maybe Fluffy already has us thoroughly trained.)

Past Evidence

There is something to kitties’ ability to manipulate us. After all, they managed to convince ancient Egyptians that they were sacred, and should be highly revered … and totally pampered. Cats didn’t fare too bad in ancient Siam, either. In fact, many Siamese kitties—the region’s native kitties—were so spoiled they even had their own servants.

Fluffy’s Reign

What would happen if cats did manage to take over the world? We suspect that most major television and cable networks would change their programming, and show only documentaries about birds, squirrels, and mice. Catnip and cat grass plants would be mandatory in all yards and parks, and stocked fishponds would pop up on every corner. We probably would also be obligated to provide our furry rulers with empty boxes, window seats, and toys, on top of offering lap space on demand.

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