Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

September 1st is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! We love kitties of all colors, of course. However, this is a great time to shine a spotlight on some of our adorable redheaded patients. A local Rochester, NY vet lists some fun facts about ginger cats in this article.

A Cat By Any Other Name

Ginger felines are also sometimes called orange tabbies or marmalade kitties. However, these cute furballs aren’t associated with any one specific breed. Many—in fact most—of the breeds accepted by the CFA allow ginger coats.

Color Intensity

As you may have noticed, ginger cats can range in color. Some are almost red, while others are more of a cream or almost yellow color. The pigment responsible for these variations is called Pheomelamine. How much of it Fluffy has will determine where she falls on that kitty color chart. It’s also worth noting that redheaded cats can also get freckles.

Boy’s Club

For reasons that Fluffy refuses to divulge, the vast majority of ginger cats are boys. In fact, only about 20 percent of these cute kitties are female!


When it comes to famous ginger cats, there are definitely two big ones that stand out. Morris, the pet food spokeskitty, is one of them. (It may interest you to know that there have actually been three different Morrises, all of whom were adopted from shelters.) Next up we have Garfield, the sarcastic, Monday-hating feline who’s been napping and chowing down on lasagna in comic strips, books, and movies since the late 70’s. Of course, we also can’t forget about Heathcliff and Marmalade, two other iconic animated red furballs.


Ginger cats are technically all considered tabbies. However, they can sport a variety of pretty patterns, including classic, mackerel, spotted, patched, and ticked. As far as we have noticed, patterns have no bearing on Fluffy’s purrsonality.


All of our feline friends are unique individuals, with their own quirks and charms. That said, boy gingers have a reputation for being rather chatty, while the girls tend to be quieter and calmer.

Pampered Pets

Do you want to spoil Fluffy on her special day? No special rules here! You’re probably fine going for classic kitty purr-starters, like toys, treats, catnip, and, of course, cardboard boxes.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Please contact us, your Rochester, NY vet clinic, anytime!

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