Global Cat Day

October 16th is Global Cat Day. Our feline friends are beloved pets all over the globe. This is a great chance to look at Fluffy’s life in other places! A Rochester, NY veterinarian takes a look at kitties around the world in this article.

Cat Statistics

Pets are popular everywhere. This is no surprise to us: that beautiful bond we form with our animal pals transcends culture and language. There are about 600 million pet cats around the globe, and about another 600 million living on their own. That means that, at any given moment, millions of furballs are purring, meowing at their humans, or just enjoying being petted and played with.

Kitties Around The World

Cats have certainly accumulated her fair share of myths and legends. These also vary wildly, based on locale. Kitties are associated with the dry season in Thailand, and are included in rain-making ceremonies. In parts of Great Britain, black cats are thought to be good luck to new brides, and are often given as gifts. People in the Netherlands consider Fluffy to be a bit of a gossip, and avoid telling each other secrets around her. And, as you may know, kitties were also revered as sacred in many countries, including ancient Egypt. (Cats clearly have never forgotten this.)

Kitty Festivals

As the modern world has become ever more interconnected, we’ve seen the rise of all sorts of festivals and fandoms, that allow people to celebrate the things they love. Recent cat festivals have included Catsbury Park Cat Convention in New Jersey; PopCats in Austin and Portland, OR; and the Edmonton Cat Fest, in Edmonton, AB.

Cat Translations

Have you ever wondered what kitties are called in other languages? In France, Fluffy is known as a Chat, while in Germany, she’s called a Katze. Greek felines are known as Yatas, while Ukranian ones are known as Kots. It’s interesting how similar many of these words are! The meow, of course, seems to be universal.

Cat Cafes

Kitty cafes have exploded in popularity, particularly in the US and Japan. There are now hundreds of spots where you can grab a tea or coffee, and make a furry, purring friend. Many of them even offer adoptions! This is one trend we hope to see more of.

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