5 Ways to Keep Fluffy Active

It’s no surprise that our feline friends are, well, rather fond of naps. In fact, Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Needless to say, although drowsy kitties are adorable, spending that much time snoozing can make it easy for cats to get out of shape and gain weight. Although kitties are super frisky when they’re young, once your furball is past her adorable toddler phase, keeping her active can be challenging. A Rochester, NY vet offers some helpful tips below.


Make sure your furball has plenty of fun toys to play with. Fluffy may like classic kitty toys, like catnip mice, but you can also pamper your pet with lots of fun modern toys, like robotic mice, automated laser pointers, mechanical fish, and catnip bubbles.


Get Fluffy some pieces of furniture that encourage healthy activities like climbing and jumping. Cat towers and activity centers are great for this. You can also spoil your pet with kitty tunnels, wall-mounted furniture. Your furball may even love playing with a simple cardboard box!


This one may be just as entertaining for you as it is for your cat! Although catnip doesn’t affect all kitties, its effects on some of our feline buddies are both dramatic and hilarious. A little pinch of catnip is a great way to get Fluffy up and moving! Consider growing your own catnip in little windowsill pots.


If Fluffy is an only pet, a playmate may also help keep her active. Of course, there are many things to consider before adopting a second cat, including your kitty’s age, temperament, health, and history, as well as your budget and household. That said, if all the lights are green, consider giving another lucky furball a wonderful forever home.


Regular play sessions will not only keep your kitty active, they will also help her relieve stress, and burn off any excess energy she may have. Plus, the mental stimulation playing offers is great for her mind! Spend a few minutes a day holding a laser pointer or wand toy for your feline pal to pounce on. This is also a great—and super cute—way for you to relax after a hard day’s work.

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