Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

July is Pet Hydration Month! This is definitely a key summer topic for people with cats. Hydration is of course always essential for cats, as it is for any animal, but it’s extra critical in summer. Fluffy is wearing a fur coat, and can easily overheat on sweltering days! Read on as a Rochester, NY vet offers some advice on keeping your feline buddy properly hydrated.


Fluffy should always have plenty of fresh water. It won’t take long for your kitty’s dishes to collect dirt and bacteria, so be sure to wash and refill them daily. If you have more than one cat and/or a large home, set out more than one water station. If your furball is allowed to go outdoors, you’ll also need to put water outside for her. (Note: it’s always a good idea to monitor your cat’s water intake. One way to do this is by filling Fluffy’s bowls at the same time each day.)

Kitty Fountains

Do you sometimes catch Fluffy drinking from the faucet, even when her bowl is full? Many cats actually prefer drinking running water. Consider getting your little buddy a kitty fountain to drink from.

Canned Food

In the wild, cats consume quite a bit of moisture from their food, because they always eat their prey fresh. One benefit of canned food is that it does contain more moisture than kibble. Ask your vet for advice on Fluffy’s dietary needs.

Automated Waterer

An automated waterer can also help encourage your furry pal to drink more. Just be sure to keep the water reservoir clean!


Sodium-free beef, fish, or chicken broth is a purrfect treat for your feline pal. It contains electrolytes, which help keep Fluffy hydrated. Give your kitty a bowl on hot days!


When possible, try to choose treats with a high moisture content. Canned tuna or chicken in water is a good option. And, while dairy isn’t a good snack for cats, Fluffy can have some cat milk, which you can find in pet stores.


It’s also important to protect your pet from dehydration and/or overheating. The best way to do this is to simply keep Fluffy indoors, in rooms cooled by climate control. Your kitty will also be safer living inside!

Please contact us, your Rochester, NY vet clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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