Key Points of Kitty Philosophy

Have you ever noticed your kitty watching you with a smug expression, as though she knows something you don’t? As it turns out, this may not be far from the truth. Cats actually do have a few valuable life lessons in store for us! A local Rochester, NY vet lists a few of them below.

Get Lots Of Sleep

We’re pretty sure that cats live by their own rules. The number one law on Fluffy’s list? Get plenty of rest!

Speak Your Mind

Fluffy may be small, but she isn’t shy about speaking her mind. Your pet may vocalize to let you know she wants dinner right meow, or demand that you pick her up or put her down. She may also meow to let you know about the moth in the bathroom, or just to say hello. Try mimicking your cat the next time she does this. Some kitties will keep the ‘conversation’ going. This can be super cute!

Watch Your Humans

Cats are very curious companions. In fact, they’re downright nosy. Fluffy will keep a close eye on you as you go about your business, and may follow you around from room to room. Even when your feline pal is napping, she’ll still be eavesdropping: snoozing cats still pick up sounds and other stimuli.

Keep Your Reflexes Sharp

In the wild, cats are fierce predators, who are more than capable of sustaining themselves through hunting. Being ferocious does take some practice, however. Fluffy will keep her skills sharp through a strict kitty workout regime. This consists of things like batting at your shoelaces and attacking bottlecaps.

Meditate Daily

Do you often notice Fluffy staring into space? Meditation is a key part in many spiritual and religious ceremonies from across the globe. It’s probably safe to say that our furry buddies are experts in the art of zen.


Our feline buddies love to explore things, especially small spaces. Fluffy will carefully inspect any boxes or paper bags you bring home, and won’t be shy about venturing into closets or cabinets.

Show Your Love

Fluffy has a reputation for being cruel and aloof, but that really isn’t well deserved. Some cats basically want us to pet and snuggle them 24/7! Pay attention to your kitty, and keep that little motor going!

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