5 Kitties That Didn’t Get the Memo

Our feline buddies are wonderful pets. However, while all kitties have their own unique purrsonalities, breed does play a role in determining your kitty’s characteristics. In fact, some breeds don’t follow all the rules of being a cat! Read on as a Rochester, NY vet lists some furballs that missed important memos.


Most of our feline pals have pretty coats, but the Sphynx kitties, along with their Russian counterparts, the Donskoys, are, well, pretty much naked. Apparently, Fluffy forgot to get dressed! (We know, not everyone finds these lovable cats as adorable as their furry cousins. However, hairless kitties are very sweet, affectionate, and friendly. They make absolutely wonderful pets!)


As you may know, most of our feline pals hate water. In fact, Fluffy is notorious for despising baths. There is a good reason for this. Currents can be very dangerous for a little furball. Water can also hide hazards, such as predators. And, there’s also the fact that cat fur emits a strong scent, which could attract predators. Apparently, the Bengal never got those warnings. These frisky exotic kitties love to play in their water bowls. They also have been known to jump into bathtubs and showers, and even enjoy swimming!


Like the Maine Coon, the Siamese apparently isn’t very clear on what cats are supposed to sound like. These cute kitties are quite the little chatterboxes. They also have meows that sound very much like the cries of a human baby, and love perching in high places. Perhaps these lovable felines never realized that they aren’t birds?

Maine Coons

Kitties are known for having adorable vocalizations. However, while most of our feline overlords meow, the Maine Coon ‘speaks’ with some delightful chirps and squeaks. Given the fact that these delightful furballs also have huge, floofy tails, one has to wonder if Fluffy thinks she’s a squirrel!


Fetch is supposed to be a dog’s game, right? Not according to these cute furballs. Abyssinians love to play Fetch with their owners. These charming felines also like swimming, and generally act, well, more like dogs than cats. Did someone forget to tell Fluffy she’s a kitty?

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