Keeping the Peace With Multiple Cats

Do you have more than one kitty? Cats are absolutely adorable when they snuggle up to each other at naptime. However, our feline pals don’t always get along that well. If your furballs are fighting, read on! In this article, a Rochester, NY vet offers tips on helping Fluffy and Mittens get along.


First impressions are a very big deal to our four-legged friends. Give your cats time to get to know each other slowly, over the course of several days, before you let them interact freely. We recommend keeping your furballs separated at first. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Safe Havens

Make sure that your pets have a safe haven in every room, whether it’s a spot behind the couch, a pet condo, or a cat tent. If one of your kitties tends to corner the other in a specific spot, try putting a cat tower in that area.


Play with your cats every day. This will help your feline buddies burn off any excess energy, and will also offer them a healthy outlet, so they can take their frustrations out on their toys instead of on each other.

Good Vibrations

Help your cats form positive impressions of one another by offering them toys and treats together. If Fluffy thinks that she will get treats whenever Mittens is around, she may become a bit more friendly! Group play sessions can also help.

Don’t Play Favorites

Kitties can be very jealous little furballs! Resident cats that formerly had their owners all to themselves are often quite resentful of new feline roommates. Make sure to pay both your cats equal attention.

Shared Resources

It isn’t uncommon for our feline friends to fight over beds, toys, food, or other resources. Nip these squabbles in the bud by making sure there is plenty to go around. Kitties all have different tastes in toys, so get a variety of different playthings. If you get cat furniture, make sure that your pets can all fit at once. You don’t want Fluffy and Mittens fighting over who gets to use the kitty tower! This applies to litterboxes as well: cats hate sharing bathrooms. Make sure each of your furballs has her own powder room.

Do you have questions about your kitty’s veterinary care needs? We can help! Please reach out to us, your Rochester, NY animal clinic, anytime.

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