If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Did you know that there’s a very interesting pet holiday coming up? March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day. What sort of mischief do you think your cat would get into if she suddenly grew opposable thumbs? A local Rochester, NY vet offers some suggestions below.

Reset Your Alarm Clock

One thing Fluffy may do is turn off your alarm clock. She’s purrfectly capable of waking you up when it’s time for breakfast!

Hack Your Computer

Kitties certainly have a strong presence on the internet. In fact, Fluffy is pretty much all over the web. Given the chance, your feline friend would quickly take over your social media accounts.

Lock The Dog Out

Some of our four-legged patients are best buds with their furry roommates. Others? Not so much. Even cats who like their canine roommates can be a bit jealous. Fluffy might just decide to lock Fido out of the house!

Go Through Everything

Fluffy may open every box, drawer, and cupboard in the house, and go through all of the contents, just to see if you’ve been hiding any catnip from her.

Break All Of Your Dinnerware

Have you ever noticed that kitties just can’t seem to resist knocking small objects off tables and counters? Your furball may very well take this quirky habit to the next level, and start dropping plates and glasses onto the floor.

Throw Away The Car Keys

Car rides are one thing our canine and feline pals strongly disagree on. Fido thinks that going for a drive is the best thing ever, aside from bacon, toys, ear scritches, and belly rubs. Fluffy, however, thinks cars are evil machines hurtling her towards certain doom. Your furry buddy may make short work of disposing of all your car keys!

Open All The Food

It’s probably safe to say that Fluffy would pop open every can of cat food in the house. Your frisky furball may also open every other can you have, just to see what’s in them.

Use A Nail File

Fluffy is definitely very dedicated to keeping her nails in good condition. Your furry little diva may be delighted to start using your manicure set instead of your sofa.

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