Odd and Random Things Cats Are Grateful For

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Kitties are definitely pretty high on the list of things that we are thankful for. But if your furball could list the things she is most grateful for, what do you think would be on it? There would of course be some basics, such as good food and fresh water. However, we suspect that our feline pals would also include some more curious objects. Here, a Rochester, NY vet lists some things that Fluffy would be thankful for. 


We may never entirely understand Fluffy’s box obsession. We do know that cats feel safe and secure in small areas. However, we’re not quite buying this as a foolproof explanation. After all, cats have been known to stuff themselves into boxes that are too big or too small for them. 

Clean Sheets

Many cats just love playing with clean sheets. We don’t quite know why: we just know this is super cute to watch! 


Our feline buddies are not actually cold-blooded. However, they apparently haven’t realized that yet. Fluffy absolutely loves dozing off in warm, sunny spots!

Warm Laps

Speaking of napping spots, Fluffy is actually very cuddly, and she loves to snuggle up with her humans. It’s always adorable when a cat gets that smug, happy kitty expression while she’s curled up in your lap. 


Cats are fierce predators by nature, and are instinctively driven to pounce and jump. Wild cats usually go for mice and other small critters, but pet furballs sometimes opt for less challenging opponents. Fluffy may very well list things like bottlecaps, crumpled-up paper balls, hair ties, and the occasional moth. (Don’t let your pet play with anything that isn’t safe … even if she is enjoying herself.)

Clean Laundry

Have you ever found Fluffy comfortably napping in a basket of fresh laundry? Kitties just can’t resist warm, clean clothes!

Light Reflections

Does your feline friend love chasing after that elusive red dot? Many furballs are also captivated by the way light moves when reflected off a watch, phone, or small mirror. This is adorable to watch! 

Clean Litterboxes

This one isn’t really much of a surprise. Fluffy likes her powder room kept nice and clean, and who can blame her? 

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