8 Reasons Cats Are Awesome

It probably won’t be much of a surprise for you to learn that all of us here at All Cats Care Center love kitties. In fact, we think that cats are one of life’s greatest treasures. What is it about these little furballs that has us so enthralled? Read on and find out! Here, a Rochester, NY vet lists some of Fluffy’s most charming attributes.

They Purr

Kitties have many delightful traits. However, the fact that these little furballs vibrate when they are happy is extra adorable! That purr can also be very relaxing, and can help people deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.

They’re Independent

Cats aren’t totally independent: they need good care to truly thrive. However, Fluffy is quite self-reliant. You can leave your kitty alone while you go to work, or even overnight. Of course, if your cat spends a lot of time by herself, you may want to consider getting her a buddy.

They’re Clean

Another great thing about kitties is the fact that they are self-cleaning. Fluffy will groom herself every day, and will use a litterbox to relieve herself. They’re Entertaining

If our feline buddies had official one ‘purrpose’ in life, it may very well be to keep us laughing. There’s just no end to Fluffy’s hilarious quirks!

They Make Great Sleep Aids

Fluffy loves to cuddle with her owners. As mentioned above, it’s really soothing to snuggle up with a purring kitty. This can be great if you’re having a hard time going to sleep.

Their Meows Are Adorable

While many animals make vocalizations of some form, few are as charming as the meow. Fluffy has quite a range of different sounds. In fact, she can make 100 different noises. Many kitties also seem to enjoy ‘talking’ to their humans. Some are quite the little chatterboxes!

They’re Playful

It’s almost impossible not to smile when watching a frisky kitty jump on a catnip toy or pounce on a ball. Frolicsome kitties are truly precious!

They Love Their Humans

Fluffy may have tried to make us think she’s aloof, but in fact, she gets very attached to her people. Kitties also have some adorable ways of showing affection, including head bonks, leg rubs, and, occasionally, biting or scratching.

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