The Rules of Cuddling Kittens

There’s a pretty special kitty holiday coming up. March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day! It’s almost impossible to resist cuddling kittens. Actually, snuggling with cats is good for both us and our feline pals. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind. A local Rochester, NY vet lists some of them below.

Cuddle Often

Cats have tried very hard to make us see them as aloof, cold, predators, but they really are quite emotional. Pay lots of attention to your feline friend, and let her snuggle up on your lap if she likes. Even just giving her a quick forehead rub or ear scratch as you pass by will help her feel loved and safe.

Expect Cattitude

Cats certainly are quirky. Fluffy can be extremely affectionate one minute, only to walk away with her nose in the air the next. Your furball may also demand attention when you’re busy, and then ignore you when you are just relaxing and watching TV. That’s just purr for the course with kitties!

Fluffy’s Rules

It is always up to Fluffy to decide when cuddle time starts and stops. Never force attention on a cat. This may frighten your feline overlord, and make her feel trapped. It’s also a good way to get scratched! Of course, if you stop petting your cat before she has decided that kitty cuddle time is officially over, she may give you a cute, slightly affronted look.

Love Hurts

Some cats like to knead their humans while they are snuggling them. We know, those little claws are sharp! However, Fluffy isn’t trying to hurt you. Actually, this is a sign that your furry pal sees you as her parent. Kittens knead while nursing, as it stimulates the flow of milk.

Oblige Kitty Requests

Cats have some pretty adorable ways of requesting attention. When Fluffy wants cuddles, she may hop into your lap, head-butt you, or even jump into your arms. She may also weave around your legs, run out in front of you, follow you around, or just meow at you until you pick her up. Some kitties immediately start purring when you pet them or pick them up. These adorable shows of affection are bound to put a smile on your face!

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