The Rules of Hugging Your Cat

There’s a pretty cute kitty holiday coming up. June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! Some of our feline patients really would love nothing more than to be hugged all day, every day. Others will scratch you if you dare touch them. Fluffy can be a bit ‘purrplexing!’ A Rochester, NY vet lists some do’s and don’ts of hugging your cat below.

Reasons To Hug Kitties

There are many reasons to hug your cat. Fluffy is a great cuddler! Cuddling your feline friend can also help lower your blood pressure and soothe you on bad days. In fact, studies have shown that hugging cats is great for us, both mentally and emotionally. It’s also a good way to help Fluffy feel loved, safe, and maybe a little bit pampered. Plus, purring kitties make great sleep aids!

What Not To Do

Never hug a cat that clearly isn’t feeling cuddly. Kitties are very small, and can easily feel threatened or overpowered. Holding Fluffy against her will can make her feel scared or trapped, not to mention a bit angry. That’s a good way to get scratched! Also, never hold a kitty by the midsection. This can actually be dangerous! Hold your furry buddy so that her weight is supported by her legs or rump. Finally, when your furball decides she’s done, just let her go!

Proceed With Caution

Our furry pals reserve the right to change their mind about being hugged at any time, and without warning. Fluffy may be purring and cuddly one moment, only to immediately decide that she has to get down right meow. She may also demand attention when you’re busy, and snub you when you’re not. That’s just purr for the course with cats!

Cats That Need Hugs

Sadly, there are many kitties in shelters, desperately hoping that someone will love them enough to adopt them and hug them regularly. If you aren’t ready to adopt, you may want to consider volunteering or even fostering. You’ll be helping these homeless furballs feel safe and loved while they are waiting for someone to adopt them. That definitely counts!

Cats That Don’t like Hugs

Not all kitties like cuddles. If Fluffy is more aloof, spoil her with toys, treats and catnip instead!

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