Caring for a Scaredy Cat

Is your feline friend on the shy side? Just like people, cats all have their own distinct personalities. Some kitties are calm and friendly, while others can be anxious and wary. If your furball falls into the latter category, read on for some great tips from a local Rochester, NY veterinarian on caring for a scaredy cat.

Safe Zones

Cats often run away from things that scare them, and who can blame them? Make sure Fluffy has safe hiding places in every room, so she always has a place to go when she feels frightened. This can be a kitty condo, pet tent, or cat tipi, or even a plain cardboard box.


Take time to play with your nervous pet every day. This will burn off Fluffy’s excess energy, so that after her play session ends, she’ll be a little tired, and hopefully calmer. Playing also offers your kitty a healthy outlet for her anxiety, and will help her build her confidence.


Don’t force attention on your anxious kitty, even if you think she’s absolutely adorable. Cats want to be petted on their own terms. Offer Fluffy food and treats, and talk to her gently, but don’t pick her up or pet her if she doesn’t like being cuddled. Of course, if your furry buddy enjoys being snuggled, indulge her, and let her curl up on your lap when she wants.

Veterinary Care

As one would expect, being sick or in pain can have a huge effect on a cat’s temperament. Have your feline friend examined by a vet, to make sure she doesn’t have any medical issues. If Fluffy gets the all-clear, then at least you know she’s healthy.

Kitty Luxury Mansion

It’s very easy to turn your home into a luxury mansion for Fluffy. Offer your furball plenty of fun toys and cozy napping spots. We also recommend giving your kitty a comfy napping spot with a good window view, so she can relax, sunbathe, and watch birds and squirrels.


Love is the magic ingredient in any pet care regimen. Spend time with your kitty, talk to her, and offer her treats and toys. With time, patience, and lots of love, your bashful feline may come out of her shell.

Please contact us, your Rochester, NY animal hospital, for all your pet care needs. We are always happy to help!

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