Signs That Your Senior Cat is Sick

Do you have a furry little senior on your hands? Cats somehow manage to get even more adorable as they age. Of course, older cats are more susceptible to health issues than younger cats are. It’s important to keep a close eye on Fluffy, and watch for signs of trouble. A Rochester, NY vet lists a few things to look for below.

Behavioral Changes

Keep an eye out for anything that seems out of character for your feline pal. This includes things like confusion, disorientation, or sudden aggression. Fluffy may become super clingy. Or, she may go the opposite way, and not want to be touched, held, or petted. You may also notice uncharacteristic vocalizations, withdrawal, grumpiness, and/or a lack of interest in play.


One reason we recommend grooming senior cats daily is that this is a great way to casually inspect your kitty and look for issues. Some red flags include skin problems, such as sores, rashes, or lesions; dry, dull, or thinning fur; watery or cloudy eyes; sore spots; and lumps and bumps. Pale or discolored gums are also a warning sign.

Litterbox Woes

It’s not completely unusual for older kitties to have the occasional litterbox mishap. However, keep an eye out for signs that something more than that is going on. These include diarrhea, incontinence, bloody stools or urine, and an increase in the amount of urine or waste. Straining to go is also a red flag. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any of these problems.

Reduced Appetite

Many animals will naturally start eating less as they age. Fluffy will spend the majority of her time napping, and just won’t need as much food. However, a sudden lack of interest in meals is a warning sign. Dropping or dribbling food is also a concern, as this is often indicative of dental issues.

Something’s Off

Sometimes the signs of illness are very subtle. Fluffy may not display any of these symptoms, but you may just notice that she doesn’t seem like herself. She may sleep more or less than usual, for instance, or not be as responsive to stimuli. If you have a gut feeling, err on the side of caution and take your furry friend to her doctor right away.

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