Signs of Sickness in Kitties

Can you tell if your cat isn’t feeling well? Kitties can be a bit secretive when it comes to showing signs of illness. In the wild, predators often take a keen interest in animals that show signs of illness or weakness, so kitties long ago learned to hide any signs of illness. This can make it hard to tell when a kitty is sick, so it’s very important to for cat owners know what to watch for. Read on as a local Rochester, NY vet lists some common signs of illness in cats.

Unkempt Fur

Healthy kitties will groom themselves each day to keep their fur soft and pretty. Cats don’t always feel like going through with their normal beauty routines when they don’t feel well, however. If Fluffy’s fur seems greasy, matted, or dirty, you may have a sick cat on your hands.

Unusual Behavior

We know, our feline friends can be a bit quirky. By unusual behavior, we mean behavior that is unusual for your cat. For instance, if your furball is normally playful and friendly, but suddenly starts acting aloof and grumpy, she may be ill. Any changes in your kitty’s routines, meows, and appearance can be a warning sign.


Just like people, cats don’t always feel very sociable when they’re sick. Fluffy may retreat to a spot in a closet or under the bed if she isn’t feeling well.

Lack of Appetite

Fluffy might be a bit finicky, but she should be interested in dinner, even if she doesn’t like what you served. If your feline friend doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite, she could be sick.

Litterbox Issues

Litterbox issues can also be a sign of illness in kitties. If Fluffy seems to be avoiding her litterbox, she may be sick. It’s important to note that straining to urinate is a serious red flag in cats, and can be a sign of a medical emergency. Contact your vet immediately if your feline friend seems to be having trouble relieving herself.


While the occasional hairball is not unusual in kitties, excessive vomiting is definitely a warning sign. Diarrhea is another sign of sickness in cats.

If your feline friend shows any of these signs, please contact us, your local Rochester, NY animal hospital, right away. We are here to provide your beloved pet with excellent veterinary care!

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