Summer Snacks for Kitties

Does your kitty suddenly turn into a furry, super-adorable ball of affection when you open a can of tuna or pull a roast chicken out of the oven? Is Fluffy sometimes a bit too interested in what you’re eating? Like all of our animal companions, cats do tend to perk up when they smell something yummy. With summer coming, this is the perfect time to indulge your feline overlord a bit. Read on as a Rochester, NY vet lists a few things that may get that little motor going.

Tuna Slushie

Here’s an easy one: put a bit of tuna on top of some shaved ice, and then dribble the juice over it. This is sort of Fluffy’s version of the Sno-Cone.

Cold Snack

Combine canned cat food with ice in a blender, and offer it to your furball on a plate. For extra purrs, you can also mix in a few treats; some plain, cooked chicken; or perhaps some canned turkey or tuna.


Sodium-free broth is actually a very healthy treat for cats. It contains electrolytes, which makes it very efficient at keeping Fluffy hydrated. You have a few options here. You can keep a box of broth in your fridge, and give your feline pal a bowl on occasion. You can also put some of your pet’s kibble or treats in an ice cube tray, pour some over that, and freeze it. Or, make broth cubes, and give those to your kitty.

Slice Of Heaven

Combine some of your pet’s pate with water or sodium-free broth in a blender. Then, freeze in small portions. When it’s almost frozen, you can divide it into smaller bits. Offer your furball one or two on sweltering days. Voila!

Frozen Snacks

Get some kitty treats that come in pouches, and are already somewhat liquid. Keep them in the freezer, and slice off a small piece for your feline buddy on occasion. This may be a purrfect way to score some affectionate head bonks!

Ice Ice Baby

Who says pleasing cats is difficult? Just drop a few ice cubes into Fluffy’s water dish. Your furry pal may also enjoy batting plain ice cubes around with her paws. This will both entertain her and keep her cool!

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Rochester, NY veterinary clinic, we are here to help!

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