Taking Your Cat to Work

Take Your Cat To Work Day is June 21st. This at first may sound silly and whimsical. However, while most cats earn their living by lounging around and looking cute, some of our feline pals are officially employed. A Rochester, NY vet discusses working with Fluffy below.

Fluffy’s First Job

When it comes to Fluffy’s skills, mousing is definitely at the top of the list, just before napping, sleeping in strange places and positions, looking cute, and teleportation. We actually first domesticated cats because of their hunting abilities. In olden times, kitties’ prowess at catching rodents won her lots of fans. (The fact that these little furballs are completely adorable probably didn’t hurt, either.) 

Kitties On The Job

While mice aren’t as much of an issue today as they once were, cats are still ‘hired’ on many farms and rural homesteads, either as working pets or barn buddies. Fluffy can also be found in hospices and nursing homes, comforting people with her purrs and cuddles. Her other jobs have included smuggler, thief, guardian, nurse, and lap warmer. 

Working From Home

The coronavirus changed things in many ways, but one of the biggest was in the massive shift to working at home. This definitely pleased many of our feline overlords. Fluffy spent a chunk of the last year photobombing zoom calls, batting pens around, and sprawling out on desks. Of course, now that things are going back to normal, many cats have been laid off. If your kitty isn’t used to you working in the office, take some extra steps to keep her comfortable and purring while you’re out. Leave a TV or radio on for her, and make sure she has a comfy window seat.

Office Kitties

Some places do have kitties on staff. Unsurprisingly, it’s not uncommon for animal clinics to have felines on site. Fluffy’s duties may include knocking things off our desks, sprawling out on paperwork, walking across keyboards, and, of course, silently judging us. 

Modern Age

Having a purring cat on your lap can vastly improve any workday, and definitely makes reading or writing reports more fun. Unfortunately, Fluffy’s skills aren’t always a good match for the modern workplace. If your kitty is out of work, keep her occupied with toys and playtime.

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