5 Things to Teach Your Kitten

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations on your furry new arrival! We’re guessing it won’t take little Fluffy long to have you completely wrapped around those adorable paws of hers. Having a baby feline isn’t all fun and games, however. You’ll want to take some time now to teach your tiny furball good manners. It’s much easier to teach a kitten proper petiquette than it is to correct bad habits in a spoiled adult cat! Below, a Rochester, NY vet lists some things to teach your kitten.

Counters Are Off-Limits

When you think about it, cats don’t have much of a view from ground level. Therefore, it isn’t much of a surprise that our feline friends are so fond of high places. When your kitten tries to jump up on the table or counter, immediately tell her No, and put her back down on the floor.

Play Nice

Your frisky pet is still in the process of figuring out how her claws and teeth work, and may think it’s great fun to experiment on you. Don’t let little Fluffy start thinking that rough play is acceptable! If your kitten bites or scratches you, tell her to play nice, using a firm tone of voice. Then, walk away and ignore her.

Scratch Properly

Now is the time to instill good nail care habits in your furry friend. Get your little furball a good scratching post or tower, and encourage her to use it by rewarding her with praise and attention when she does. To discourage bad habits, squirt your kitten with water when she tries to scratch the couch.

Baths Are Fun

While it isn’t absolutely necessary to bathe cats, it isn’t a bad idea to get your kitten used to taking baths. This will make it much, much easier on you down the line, if Fluffy ever gets something on her fur that would call for a bath. Get the green light from your vet first. If you get the go-ahead, use pet shampoo and warm, not hot, water.

You Are Loved

Pay lots of attention to your adorable pet. Talk to little Fluffy, play with her, and let her cuddle up on your lap. A kitten’s loving purr is a truly special gift!

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