8 Things That Are Hard To Accomplish Around Cats

If you have a kitty, you’ve probably noticed that our feline pals are extremely curious and inquisitive. They also like to stick pretty close to their humans. This can be quite cute, but it also can make things a bit difficult at times. Read on as a local Rochester, NY vet lists some things that aren’t always easy to accomplish around cats.

Packing For Vacations

We’re fairly certain that there’s a chapter in the kitty rulebook about open suitcases. If you’re trying to pack for a trip, Fluffy will immediately jump into your luggage. Maybe your furball just wants you to take her with you!

Gift Wrapping

Fluffy often tries to lend a helping paw with gift-wrapping. Of course, your feline buddy probably isn’t very useful. However, she may have a good reason for trying. Your cute pet might be trying to remind you that cats are precious gifts!

Changing Sheets

These frisky furballs just can’t seem to resist playing with the ‘sheet monster.’ Changing your bedding is definitely more difficult with a furry little helper. It’s also more fun! It’s hard not to laugh at Fluffy as she’s pouncing on your blankets.

Anything Involving Boxes

Our feline friends are more than a little obsessed with boxes. If you’re trying to pack or unpack a box, you may very well find yourself unpacking Fluffy.

Decorating The Tree

We’re a ways off from the holidays now, but they’ll be here before you know it. Helping decorate the tree is one of Fluffy’s favorite traditions!


Settling in with your furry buddy and a good book sounds like a wonderful way to relax. However, this one is sometimes easier said than done. Fluffy has a way of sprawling out on our books, bumping them with her head, or, in some cases, trying to eat them.

Using A Computer

Fluffy may not have gotten the memo about how computers are not made for cats. Many of our feline companions love walking or even sleeping on keyboards!

Telephone Calls

Does Fluffy ignore you until you start talking on the phone, and then start demanding attention right meow? We’re not sure why, but some kitties are quite jealous of our phones!

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