Cute Ways To Celebrate Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Do you have an orange kitty? If so, you’ll want to do something special for Fluffy: it’s Ginger Cat Appreciation Day! About percent of our feline buddies are redheads. These tiny tigers are definitely worth celebrating! A Rochester, NY vet offers a few suggestions below.


There are quite a few orange cats in fiction. Want to catch up with some of the best kitterati? Try Ginger Cat, by Charlotte Voake, or No Ordinary Cat. The Life Of Pi, which features a giant ginger—okay, it’s actually a tiger—is also fine. You can also find some adorable kids’ books featuring ginger kitties.

Figure Out Fluffy’s Outfit

Did you know that ginger cats are all tabbies? Fluffy can be wearing one of five different patterns. These include classic, mackerel, spotted, ticked, and patched. If you aren’t sure which ‘cat’egory your feline friend is sporting, look at pictures of the different ones and see if you can narrow it down.


Of course, the most famous ginger cat of all time has to be Garfield. What better way to celebrate than with the Flabby Tabby’s favorite food: lasagna? Of course, this isn’t a good option for Fluffy. Offer her some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken instead. A can of tuna is also fine.

Movie Time

Fluffy may not have landed that many starring roles, but she’s gotten a few good ones. There are plenty of Garfield movies and shows to choose from. Milo and Otis is another classic. You also can’t go wrong with Puss N Boots, who also appears in the Shrek movies. In the mood for a rom com? Breakfast at Tiffany’s also features an adorable orange furball.


Fall may not actually start for a few more weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start decorating now. Given that so many seasonal decorations match Fluffy’s fur, she may be more than happy to help supervise. This is also a great time for a photo shoot. Snap your kitty’s pictures against some seasonal backdrops.

Veterinary Care

Did you know that only about 20 percent of ginger cats are girls? The vast majority of them are boys. (Of course, we don’t recommend letting Fluffy reproduce, even if she does have rare coloring.)

Please contact us, your Rochester, NY animal clinic, with any questions about caring for your ginger kitty. We’re here to help!

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