Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet

Are you considering adopting a new feline buddy? Is it time for you to bring a new feline buddy into your home? Many people look for kittens when they want to adopt a new furball. We can’t blame them: baby cats are ridiculously cute. However, there are also many charming, sweet pets that desperately need forever homes, but are often overlooked. A Webster, NY vet discusses some of these less-adoptable kitties below.

Black Cats

Black cats really get a bad rap. On average, about a third of the kitties in shelters are black. Unfortunately, they take longer to get adopted, and are only half as likely to get adopted as other cats. Old wives tales and superstitions are very much to blame for the bad PR these sweet cats have gotten. Black cats are not only adorable, they also match any outfit!

Senior Cats

Older kitties also have a hard time getting adopted. This is really sad, as they can be absolutely wonderful pets. Cats in their golden years tend to be very relaxed and laid-back, not to mention adorable. Fluffy will spend even more time sleeping than other kitties, and you probably won’t have to worry about her climbing your drapes or knocking everything off your counters.

Specially-Abled Cats

Just like people, our feline friends can be afflicted with various medical problems. Fluffy could have trouble with her vision or hearing. Or, she may be missing a limb or a tail. However, you may find that your furball isn’t very bothered by these issues. Animals are very adaptable. These specially-abled kitties often do just fine with a little bit of extra TLC. In fact, they sometimes make the most loving and loyal pets, as they’re so grateful to those who give them love and care.

Stray/Feral Cats

Not all strays and ferals will adapt well to being pets. However, they can make wonderful animal companions. Stray cats have been socialized, as they have been around people before. Some are former pets that got lost or ran away. Some strays are very friendly and affectionate. Fluffy may just need time to settle in. Feral cats are more challenging, as they’re completely wild, and don’t always take to living indoors. However, they can make great barn cats!

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