Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Did you know that January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? If your kitty could voice her questions, what do you think she would be most curious about? A Webster, NY vet offers a few educated guesses below.

Why Can’t I Play With That?

Your cute housecat has the instincts of a predator, so she will intuitively bat at and pounce on small objects. Fluffy’s playful streak can be dangerous, however. You may find yourself taking pieces of plastic wrap, small or sharp objects, or other unsafe ‘toys’ away from your frisky pet. Chances are, when this happens, your kitty will look at you with a shocked, disappointed look, and perhaps give a little meow of protest. Don’t feel bad: it’s for her own good!

Why Can’t I Go Outside?

Do you keep your kitty indoors? If so, that’s great! The Great Outdoors can be very dangerous for a little furball. Cats that go outside face many dangers, such as predators, chemicals, cars, and weather. Fluffy may not understand that, however, and may even argue with you about it!

What Are You Doing?

Kitties are very curious, and are often very interested in what their humans are up to. Fluffy may supervise you as you are cooking or doing housework, and she may even follow you from room to room.

Why Did You Move Me?

If you have a cat, there’s a pretty good chance that at some point you’ve had to move your sleepy pet mid-nap. Fluffy doesn’t understand what could possibly be more important than her beauty rest.

What Is That Little Red Dot?

Do you ever hold a laser pointer for your cat to chase? Kitties are definitely adorable when they are feeling playful. Fluffy may never figure out her elusive prey!

Why Do I Have To Go To The Vet?

Proper care is crucial to your kitty’s health and well-being. Your feline buddy, however, may not quite see it that way. Fluffy only knows that she has to go into her carrier and go for a car ride, neither of which are among her favorite things. Coming to see us is definitely in your cat’s best interests, even if she protests on the way!

Do you have questions about cat care? Contact us! As your Webster, NY animal clinic, we are here to serve all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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