Cat Care for Apartment Dwellers

One of the many wonderful things to love about cats is the fact that these charismatic little furballs are very versatile, and can adapt to many different environments. Even a tiny apartment can be a luxury home for Fluffy! A Webster, NY vet offers some great cat care tips for apartment dwellers below.

Good View

Birdwatching is one of Fluffy’s favorite activities. If you keep your blinds down, Fluffy may very well make herself a little hole so she can see outside. Make your furball a comfy window seat, and opt for a kitty-friendly window treatment. Just make sure to keep the cords securely tied up, so your furry little voyeur can’t get tangled up in them.


Open and/or unsecure windows are a serious safety hazard for cats! Make sure your screens and windows latch securely, so Fluffy can’t accidentally fall out.

Kitty Garden

Give your cat a taste of nature by setting out some plants for her to nibble on and hide behind. Plants will also help keep your place looking and smelling nice. Just be sure to pick only pet-safe plants. Boston ferns and Spider plants are both great options. You can find more good choices at the ASPCA site.

Cat Furniture

Kitties really appreciate having some things they don’t have to share. A cat tower is a wonderful option. If you are tight on space, look for wall-mounted furniture, like catwalks and kitty shelves. Instant happy cat!


Is Fluffy scratching your carpet? Put an area rug down in the spot where she is scratching. It’s also important to make sure your cat has a suitable scratching post. For an easy DIY option, attach a piece of carpet to a smooth board, and then nail it to the wall just above kitty height.


Fluffy’s powder room probably won’t do much for your décor, and it can also get a bit stinky. To control bad odors, scoop your cat’s box daily, and change the litter weekly. A covered litterbox may be a good option. You can also find some great litterbox camouflage tips online. (Tip: an old end table with doors and a hole cut in one side for a kitty door is a great way to hide a litterbox.)

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