Odd Ways Cats Show Affection

Cats are wonderful pets and companions. Our feline friends are not only cute, cuddly, and lovable, they are also filled with adorable quirks and mannerisms that keep us smiling. One area where kitties are definitely unique is the way they show affection. Here, a loyal Webster, NY vet lists some cute ways Fluffy shows her love.

Leg Rubs

If your feline buddy sometimes rubs against your legs, she’s showing you that she loves you. Well, technically, she’s claiming you as her property by rubbing her scent on you, but as far as cats are concerned, this is really the same thing.

Play Attacks

One thing that often confuses people who aren’t used to cats is the way kitties sometimes attack us playfully. If your furball attacks full force, and has her ears back, she may be truly angry or aggressive. However, half-hearted nibbles are often just signs of affection. Think of them as love bites.

Sleeping Positions

Cats certainly are drowsy. While your kitty may split her naps up between several favorite sleeping spots, there’s a good chance she’ll snuggle up with you for some of them. Sleeping on your lap—or even on top of your head—is another quirky way our feline friends show their love.


While cats can be very secretive and mysterious about some things, they can also be quite forthright. If your furball meows at you, or replies when you talk to her, she’s showing you she cares! (Fluffy could also be asking for dinner, or trying to tell you about the fly in the living room, but that’s besides the point.)

Belly Roll

Does your cat sometimes roll over and offer you her tummy to rub? If so your pet is paying you a very high kitty compliment! Fluffy’s furry belly is her most vulnerable area, and she only exposes it to people she trusts.


Last but not least, the purr is possibly the cutest way Fluffy shows her love. If your kitty purrs when you pet her or pick her up, it’s safe to say your feline pal thinks of you as a friend for life. And, of course, if your furball snuggles up on your lap with her motor going, she’s also showing affection.

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