Choosing Cat Toys

Do you find a pile of cat toys under the couch whenever you move it? That’s actually a good thing! Playing is very important for our feline pals. It helps keep them fit, entertains them, and offers them beneficial mental stimulation. Read on as a Webster, NY vet offers some tips on choosing kitty toys.


If you have a kitten, you’ll definitely need to stock up on toys. Your little pet will spend a lot of time practicing those tricky pounces! Get lots of toys that you can control, like wand toys. This will help you entertain and bond with little Fluffy, while teaching her that you are not a cat toy.

Cranky Cats

Do you have a furry little curmudgeon? Wand toys and laser pointers are also good for grumpy cats, especially those that are prone to attacking! This is also a good way to let Fluffy work off any angst she feels.

Multiple Kitties

If you have more than one kitty, you’ll want to get a variety of different playthings. Cats all have their own purrsonal tastes! Fluffy may like catnip mice, while Mittens may prefer squeaky toys.

Cats That Don’t Like Catnip

Speaking of catnip, did you know that not all kitties enjoy it? If Fluffy doesn’t seem impressed by catnip mice, try offering her honeysuckle toys instead. For some reason, many kitties that don’t care for catnip seem to like honeysuckle.

Only Cats

Does Fluffy spend a lot of time home alone? Get her lots of toys that she can safely play with by herself, like catnip mice and little balls.

Older Kitties

Just like people, kitties sometimes develop issues with their vision and/or hearing as they age. Senior kitties may prefer toys that light up and/or make noise.

Modern Cats

Do you enjoy getting the latest gadgets? Get your furry pal a modern new toy, like a mechanical ‘swimming’ fish or a remote-controlled mouse. You can even download some apps for Fluffy to play with on your phone or tablet. Some kitties really like ‘catching’ digital mice or fish!


Always keep your feline pal’s safety in mind. Don’t let Fluffy play with small or sharp objects, anything with strings or ropes, and/or anything that could be toxic.

Please reach out to us, your Webster, NY vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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