Dental Care for Cats

Did you know that dental issues are very common in cats? Just like people, our feline pals can suffer from painful dental afflictions. Read on as a local Webster, NY vet discusses taking care of your kitty’s teeth.

Watch For Warning Signs

Fluffy can’t tell you if her teeth hurt. In fact, she may try to hide the fact that something is wrong. That’s why it’s so important to keep a close eye out for warning signs. Drooling is a common one. Other red flags include bad breath, visible swelling, tartar buildup, bleeding gums. Your pet may also start taking longer to eat, chew on one side of her mouth, or dribble out food. There are also behavioral issues, such as uncharacteristic grumpiness or unusual vocalizations.

Have Fluffy’s Teeth Examined

We recommend having your kitty’s teeth checked at least once a year, during her regular dental exams. Between visits, if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, call your vet immediately. Treatment options can range from simple cleanings to extractions or other procedures.


Brushing is really the best way to keep your furball’s mouth healthy. It’s best to start when Fluffy is a kitten. However, you can still teach older cats to accept the brush. At first, just gently rub your kitty’s teeth and gums with your finger. To make it more pleasant for her, wrap your finger in gauze and dip it in tuna water. Offer lots of treats and praise, so your furry buddy knows she’s being pampered, not punished. When your cat has accepted this, start using pet toothpaste and a cat toothbrush.

Other Products

With some cats, brushing isn’t going to be a good option. It’s not easy to convince a cat to do something they are wary of! If you suspect that your furball will leave you bleeding if you try to put a toothbrush in her mouth, ask your vet about other options. Dental-formula kibble and treats, oral rinses, and dental sticks can all help fight plaque and tartar.


Making sure your feline friend always has fresh water is important for many reasons, but it’s absolutely crucial for her oral care. Many cats prefer to drink running water, so you may want to get Fluffy a kitty fountain.

Do you suspect that your cat may have dental issues? Call us, your local Webster, NY vet clinic, today!

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