Fall With Fluffy

Autumn is just around the corner. Your feline buddy may not care much about seasonal events or activities, but she will notice the cooler temperatures and shorter days. Fluffy’s frisky settings may be dialed up to 10 in the next few weeks, so you’ll need to take some precautions to keep her safe. Read on as a local Rochester, NY vet discusses fall care for kitties.


As the weather cools, your drowsy pet will be looking for warm spots for those 43 daily naps. Make sure Fluffy has lots of clean, cozy beds. Store-bought beds are great, but most cats aren’t too picky about where they sleep. Anything that is soft and inviting will do. Fold up a throw blanket and put it in a chair or box for your kitty. You get bonus purrs if some of your feline pal’s napping spots are in sunny areas.

Outdoor Hazards

Our feline friends can be quite adventurous, and many of them love exploring. However, Fluffy is much better off exploring the laundry room. The outdoors is a dangerous place for a curious little furball! Weather, traffic, and wild animals are a few concerns. Chemical exposure is also a hazard. This is a big one at this time of year, as so many people are prepping their gardens with fertilizers and filling their cars with antifreeze. Rodenticides and pesticides are also unsafe. If you do let your cat out, limit her excursions to daytime, and keep her in around Halloween. You’ll also want to set out some sort of emergency shelter.


Fall is a peak shedding time. As Fluffy changes into her winter outfit, she’ll probably shed more than usual. Brushing your kitty daily will help you both. You’ll be grabbing that hair with a brush before she swallows it. This will keep her comfortable and reduce hairballs. As for you, well, you won’t be finding (as much) fur all over the place.

Senior Cats

Older cats tend to get very sensitive to temperature changes. Fluffy may benefit from a supplement, particularly if she gets stiff and sore. Ask your vet for specific advice. You’ll also want to make sure her litterbox is in a place that is easy for her to get to, and isn’t too dark or drafty.

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