Fluffy’s Life Stages

Is your feline friend still a kitten? Or is she all grown up? Cats are cute at every stage of life. However, their needs do change over time, so you’ll need to adjust Fluffy’s care regimen accordingly. A Rochester, NY vet discusses kitty life stages below.


Fluffy will always be a kitten at heart, but she’ll only really be a kitten until she’s about six months old. That is the cutest stage of your furry friend’s life … and one of the most dangerous. Kittens are also very prone to getting into trouble. They’re also very vulnerable: they’re small enough to easily get hurt or stepped on, and want to play with, well, everything. Kittenproofing is crucial at this phase. You’ll also need to get little Fluffy to the vet, so she can get started out on her vaccinations, parasite control, and exams.


This stage lasts from about seven months old until around age two, and is basically Fluffy’s adolescence. She’ll have reached her full adult size, and will be sexually mature and capable of reproducing. She’ll still be quite playful, and will need lots of toys. And while your feline pal will still be prone to midnight zoomies, she’ll gradually start to calm down. Your furball should be fixed and microchipped, and kept current on wellness care.


This is the prime of Fluffy’s life! This stage lasts from the time she’s about 3 until she is about ten. She’ll be starting to slow down a bit, but should still be bright eyed and bushy tailed, so to speak. Provide lots of entertainment and stimulation! During this stage, most cats only need to come in about once a year, but ask your vet for specific advice.


By Fluffy’s 11th birthday, she’ll officially be a furry retiree. At this point, you’ll want to focus more on comfort than entertainment. Your feline buddy may need to come in more often, and may benefit from things like senior-friendly litterboxes, nightlights, and pet ramps.


This stage starts around 15 for most kitties. Elderly cats become quite fragile, and may develop issues such as dementia or arthritis. Make sure that Fluffy feels comfy, safe, and loved at all times, and continue her veterinary care.

No matter how old your cat is, bring her to visit us at your Rochester, NY pet clinic regularly. We’re here to help!

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