Fluffy’s Year In Review

Happy New Year! As we leave 2021 behind and move into 2022, many people are summarizing last year’s events. We’ll leave most of that to the media, but we can weigh in on some of Fluffy’s major moments. Here, a Rochester, NY vet lists some of the things kitties did last year.

Climb Every Mountain

Our feline friends are known for liking high spots. This year, one adventurous furball went to the top of that list … literally. Floki, a shelter cat from North Conway, NH, accompanied her owner to the summit of Mount Washington. Mount Washington is the highest mountain in the Northeast, reaching 6288 feet. (It’s also notorious for having terrible weather.) Floki isn’t the only kitty to have reached the top: the observatory has an official office kitty, Nimbus. Nimbus has refused to comment on

Floki’s success.

Fluffy’s Thoughts Revealed … Sort Of
Scientists have been trying to figure our feline buddies out for years. While they may never entirely succeed, they did make some progress last year. One study revealed that kitties keep a sort of mental map of their terrains. The biggest icon on it? You! Fluffy keeps tabs on her humans at all times. If she isn’t sure where you are, she can get confused and distressed.

Jorts Got Buttered

Two office cats, a rather dim-witted orange kitty named Jorts and his guide and guardian, a tortie named Jean, caused a huge stir on the internet when the nuances of their care became a hotly-contested topic at their workplace. It’s rather a long (and hilarious) story, but highlights include a sweet potato being used for Jorts’ staff picture and butter being applied to his fur in an effort to get him to clean himself better. You can find the complete ‘tail’ on Reddit, though it’s now been reposted and summarized on many other sites. (One would hope this goes without saying, but for sake of clarity: never, ever apply or feed butter to your cat. It can cause pancreatitis, a very serious health condition.)


Another cute furball, this one called Venus Two Face Cat, was also widely shared in 2021. In this case, the kitty’s unique draw was the fact that her face is half black and half orange … and all adorable!

Happy New Year from All Cats Care Center, your Rochester, NY animal clinic. Contact us anytime!

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