Fun Facts About Calico Cats

Is your kitty a calico? If so, your pet is not only adorable, she’s also pretty special! Calicos are very unique among our feline friends. A Webster, NY vet discusses these cute kitties below.

A Coat Of Many Colors

Calicos, as you may know, have absolutely beautiful coats. These pretty cats sport striking tricolor patterns. Although most calicos are orange, black, and white, some have red, chocolate, or cream colors as well.

A Different Breed

Calico cats aren’t a specific breed. The term calico just refers to those pretty coat colors mentioned above. Therefore, you will find calico kitties among a variety of breeds, including Maine Coons, Persians, and many others.

No Boys Allowed

Here’s one of the more interesting facts about calicos. The vast majority—as much as 99.9 percent—of calico cats are female. This is due to unusual genetics, and the way color genes are carried by kitty sex chromosomes. In fact, only about 1 in 3000 calicos is a boy. Due to genetic abnormalities, boy calicos are prone to health issues. They are also sterile. That means calico cats really can’t be bred: they just appear randomly.


Because calico cats can be found across the spectrum of breeds, they don’t really have any shared purrsonality traits. Fluffy can be timid, outgoing, playful, lazy, quiet, vocal, cuddly, or aloof. (Of course, by nature of being a cat, she can also be all of those things. Sometimes all at once.)

Official Kitty Business

The citizens of Maryland voted the calico as their state kitty back in 2001. This came about because Fluffy’s coat matches the coat of the Baltimore oriole, their state bird. We think it’s a purrfect choice!

Lucky Charms

Calico cats have been considered a good luck charm in cultures all over the world. Japanese fisherman sometimes brought them aboard to protect them from storms and jealous ghosts. Calico cat replicas were also often placed at building entrances for luck.

A Cat By Any Other Name

Calico cats may not have nine lives, but they do have nine names. These pretty felines are also known as brindle, tricolor, tobi mi-ke (Japan), piebald, lapjeskat (Dutch), calamanco, clouded tiger, piebald, and money cats.

Please feel free to contact us, your Webster, NY vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your calico cat’s health or care. We are always here to help!

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