Fun Facts About Fluffy’s Paws

Our feline pals have many adorable traits and habits. Cats’ furry faces, charming meows, and silly antics have all helped them earn their spots on our laps. However, Fluffy’s furry feet are also pretty cute! A Webster, NY vet discusses kitty paws in this article.

Toe Beans

Fluffy’s little toe beans are actually very important. They act as shock absorbers, cushioning your pet’s bones when she jumps off the couch. They also help your furball pick up vibrations, allowing her to sense (and ignore) what’s going on around her. Plus, they are very sensitive to both heat and cold, which helps kitties test out surface temperatures before walking on something.

Teddy Bears

Take a close look at Fluffy’s front paws. If you look at them upside-down, you may notice that they resemble teddy bears. How cute is that?


Did you know that the cheetah is the only feline without retractable claws? Fluffy usually keeps her sharp little nails holstered. Otherwise, she’d get stuck on, well, pretty much everything!

No Sweat

Cats can only sweat through their paw pads. This helps Fluffy regulate her temperature. This is one reason some furballs enjoy batting an ice cube around on hot days. Some kitties also get sweaty paws when they are nervous. Who knew?

Learning Curve

In the wild, trees provide kitties with the purrfect scratching posts. They also give Fluffy a great vantage point, and offer her shelter and safety. It seems like Mother Nature thought going up was a bit more important than getting down, however. Kitty claws are curved in a way that makes it really easy for them to climb things. Getting down again? That takes practice.

All In Stride

Kitties are actually digitigrades. That means they walk on their toes. This makes Fluffy both quieter and faster, which comes in very handy when she’s trying to catch a mouseā€¦ or ambush you from behind the bathroom door. Other digitigrades include dogs, pigs, hyenas, hippos, elephants, and, believe it or not, dinosaurs.

Righty or Leftie?

Just like people, cats tend to favor one paw over the other. If you’re curious as to whether Fluffy is a righty or leftie, put a toy down before her. Whichever paw Fluffy uses to bat at it is her dominant paw!

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