Halloween Hazards For Kitties

Halloween season is upon us! You’re probably seeing a lot of black cat motifs in stores these days, along with pumpkin-flavored everything. Fluffy may be one of the autumn holiday’s icons, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe for her. In fact, this can be a dangerous time of year for kitties! A Rochester, NY veterinarian lists some hazards for people with cats to be aware of below.


It’s starting to get pretty chilly at night. Temperatures can plummet fast at this time of year. This is one of many reasons we recommend keeping Fluffy indoors. If you do let her out, make sure she has an emergency shelter. This doesn’t have to be fancy: a tote with a hole in the side and some newspapers added for warmth will help. You’ll also want to make sure that your sleepy has a comfy bed.


Fluffy may be cute and innocent looking, but she has the instincts of her larger cousins. Your miniature lion will instinctively want to investigate anything new, and sort out what she can eat, play with, or sleep on. Keep anything that isn’t safe for your pet out of paws’ reach. That includes small and/or sharp objects, like craft kit pieces, jewelry, and safety pins; plastic bags, wrappers, and ties; and candles and potpourri burners.


Most of those sweet treats are toxic to Fluffy. Fortunately, most kitties are pretty good about avoiding foods that aren’t safe for them. However, cats will sometimes eat things if coaxed. This can sometimes be a potential concern with small children, as kids may innocently try to share their treats with their feline buddies. Play it safe, and keep the sweets away from Fluffy.


Chemical exposure is another issue at this time of year. Many people are putting lawn and garden chemicals out on their properties. Cats can ingest these chemicals by walking through recently-treated spots, and licking their paws. Antifreeze is also very poisonous to Fluffy. Toxic plants and mushrooms are also a concern. Keep your pet indoors!


Traffic is another danger. Not only is it getting dark earlier, you may notice some extra traffic around Halloween. Pranksters, unfortunately, also pose a risk. This alone is reason enough to keep Fluffy indoors!

Happy Halloween! Contact us, your local Rochester, NY animal clinic, for all of your feline pal’s veterinary care needs.

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