Hi-Tech Gadgets For Kitties

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget to get something for your kitty! Fluffy will probably be delighted with classic cat gifts, but there are also some modern options you can try. A Rochester, NY veterinarian lists some good ones in this article.

Remote Controlled Toys

Fluffy usually doesn’t mind playing alone, but she’ll have more fun when you play with her. Consider getting a remote-controlled toy that you can control from a distance.

Mechanical ‘Swimming Fish’

These mechanical fish can ‘swim’ in a bowl or tub of water. These are best for cats that like splashing in water.

Smart Laser

Does your feline buddy absolutely love playing with a laser pointer? No need for the fun to stop while you’re away at work! These neat gadgets use laser pointers, camera apps, and smartphone apps to let you play with your furball remotely. (Fluffy still won’t get that elusive red dot, but that’s another topic.)


We always recommend keeping cats safe and sound inside. However, if you do let Fluffy out, you may want to consider getting her a tag or collar with GPS capability. These can help you keep dibs on your adventurous pet. This could be a lifesaver if your kitty was to get hurt or trapped!

Kitty Door/Window

This is another good option for kitties that are allowed to go outdoors. There are some cat doors that you can easily install in windows, without having to do any structural changes. Or, you can get one that will open with a microchip collar, so you don’t have to worry about a raccoon walking in.

Treat Dispenser

Is your furry pal always on the prowl for snacks? Get her an automated treat dispenser! Treat-dispensing toys are great, as they offer beneficial mental stimulation.

Window Seats

This one really isn’t very high-tech, but it still gets pretty high scores from our feline pals. You can now get Fluffy a window seat that you can attach directly to the window. This will give your furry little voyeur a chance to combine her favorite activities: birdwatching, napping, and sunbathing.


Pet fountains, chip-activated feeders, and automated bowls, oh my! Fluffy’s dinnerware certainly has come a long way in recent years.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us with questions about your cat’s health or care. As your Rochester, NY animal clinic, we’re here for you!

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