Clever Ways to Hide Litterboxes

One reason cats make such great pets is the fact that they are naturally very clean. Fluffy will use her own private litterbox to see to her needs. This makes things quite easy for you! Your kitty’s powder room probably won’t add much to your décor, however. We’re here to help! In this article, a Webster, NY vet offers some great ideas for concealing litterboxes.

Folding Screen

One great way to hide a litterbox is to get a folding screen. Position the screen kitty-corner, leaving just enough room for your furball to get in and out. To protect the screen, get a covered litterbox, or put plastic sheets on the back of it.

Upcycled Furniture

For this one, all you’ll need is an end table with doors. You can also look for a suitable desk, buffet, or even a coffee table. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new piece, check local thrift stores and yard sales. Cut a kitty-sized hole in the back or side. You’ll be able to use the doors for access.

Custom Pieces

Many furniture and pet supply companies are now making pieces designed specifically to hide litterboxes. Some of these options are very attractive! You can even get a litterbox that doubles as a plant pot.


Get an end table with four legs. Position the litterbox beneath it, and then drape the table with an attractive fabric. Just leave room at the back or side for your cat to go through.

Storage Tote

Another great option is to get a large storage tote. Cut a kitty door in one side for Fluffy. To make it more attractive, cover it with contact paper, paint, stencils, or fabric.

Wicker Chest

Look for a large wooden or wicker chest. As with many of the other options, the only thing you’ll really need to do is cut a hole for your furball to get through.

Home Additions

If you own your home, you have a few more options. For instance, if you have a screened patio, you can make a kitty door that allows Fluffy in and out of the room, while allowing you to keep the main door closed.

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