Kittenproofing 101

Has a new kitten just joined your household? Congratulations! There are few things more adorable than baby cats. There are also few things as frisky and mischievous as baby cats. While it’s great to enjoy little Fluffy’s antics, you’ll also need to take time to make your home safe for her. A Webster, NY vet offers some kittenproofing tips below.

Small/Sharp Objects

Cats have a hard time resisting anything small or sharp. Keep things like beads, buttons, safety pins, jewelry pieces, tacks, coins, and fishing lures out of reach of those little paws!

Climbing Hazards

Kittens like to get to high spots, so they can get a good view of their surroundings. Cats’ claws are curved in a way that makes it easy for them to climb up things. (Getting down, however, is another story.) You may find your little furball scaling things like curtains, drapes, and door frames. You can’t really eliminate these things: just try to make the areas around them safe, so your furry pal doesn’t land on something sharp if she falls.

Kitten-Sized Holes

Eventually, Fluffy will be too big to easily fit into tiny nooks and crannies. However, baby cats can squeeze into some very small holes. Make sure that your vents, doors, and windows close securely.  

Ropes and Cords

Ropes and cords can easily strangle or entangle your pet. Plus, little Fluffy could get serious internal injuries if she were to try to eat one. There’s also a chance that your feline buddy could pull a lamp or something onto herself. Treat anything you can’t move away with taste deterrent. Also, put wand toys away after use.


Plastic ties, bags, and wrappers are also a concern. Many cats seem to like the taste and/or texture, and will try to eat them. Needless to say, these aren’t safe to ingest.


The list of substances that are toxic to cats is very long! Some of the things to be careful with are household cleaning agents, fuel, lighter fluid, paint, turpentine, drain openers, antifreeze, pesticides, and lawn/garden products. Keep these things in secure cupboards.

Toxic Plants

Toxic plants are another big issue. You can find a complete list of them at the ASPCA site here!

We love watching our feline patients grow from tiny bundles of fur to healthy, happy adults! Contact us, your Webster, NY veterinary clinic, today!

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