5 Things to Do With Your Cat on National Cat Day

Did you know that October 28th is National Cat Day? This is a great time to give your feline friend some extra TLC! Here, a Webster, NY vet offers some suggestions for things to do on Fluffy’s special day.

Get Fluffy A New Bed

If there’s one thing all of our feline friends share, it’s a love of napping. Kitties can sleep up to 20 hours a day! One of the best things you can do to please your feline overlord is to provide her with plenty of beds. Store-bought ones are great, but you can easily make cat beds out of pillows and blankets. You can also upcycle a hard-shell suitcase, a hatbox, or a cute crate into an adorable bed frame for your sleepy pet. Add a coat of paint or contact paper to make it look cute.

New Toys

Toys aren’t just fun for Fluffy: they’re actually very beneficial for her. Get your furry friend a few new cat toys to smack around, and spend some time playing with her. If you have a smartphone, look for apps made for kitties, and see if your cat likes any of them. (Results may vary.)


Although kitties have a reputation for being finicky, most cats have a favorite treat they like to indulge in. Give Fluffy a can of tuna in water; some shredded deli meat; or plain, cooked fish, chicken, or meat. Just remember to remove bones, skin, and fat first.

Visit The Doctor

Your feline friend will be both healthier and happier with regular veterinary care. (We know Fluffy would rather curl up for a nap than visit us, but we don’t take it personally.) If your furball hasn’t seen the vet in a while, let this be a reminder to make an appointment.

Grooming Session

Kitties are very dedicated to their beauty regimens. Fluffy may spend hours every day carefully grooming herself. That doesn’t mean your furball can’t use a little help, however. Brushing your feline friend will remove the dead fur from her coat, so she doesn’t swallow it. Pick a time when your cat is feeling relaxed, and brush her gently. Incorporate cuddles and praise, so your furry little diva knows she’s being pampered.

Do you have questions about your cat’s veterinary care needs? Contact us, your Webster, NY animal clinic, today!

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